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Irish MacLeod Inc. is a South African entertainment law firm based in Cape Town, and has been South Africa's leading specialist entertainment law firm since 2002. It has been proudly credited in numerous successes including academy winners and nominees "Tsotsi", "Invictus" and "Life Above All".

While the firm has its background in commercial and employment law, in 2007 the directors made a strategic decision to focus on the super-niche areas of entertainment, sports, music and advertising. This is what we do all day, every day. No law firm, or for that matter any professional services firm in South Africa, boasts the sports, entertainment client base and involvement in sport film and television that we do.

Whether it is drafting option agreements, music and royalty deals, chain of title issues, settling talent deals or financing and structuring complicated co-production deals, our record speaks for itself. Add to this a very competitive fee structure that understands the entertainment business and it is easy to see why the world's leading studios, production companies and sports associations choose to use Irish Macleod Inc. for matters relating to film, television, music and advertising.

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