Entertainment Law

Irish MacLeod Inc offers a range of legal services to producers, financiers, musicians, creatives, creative agencies, management agencies, record labels and companies.

What we can offer you:

Business of Film – having been involved in over 200 films and television series and having represented producers, banks, studios and various entities that are involved in the business side of film, we understand that film, while a creative process, is ultimately a commercial endeavour. We understand how the deals work and how the money from exploitation of the film /series flows. We understand how the collection agent, the completion bonder, the distributor, the financier and the producers all fit together.

Film Financing – we have assisted in the financing of over 70 independent films. We represent foreign lenders and banks and assist in securing the assets of the film/series being shot in South Africa for foreign and local lenders.

Co-production – we understand the needs of local and foreign producers co-producing under the relevant treaty and structuring the rights and the finances in order to meet the minimum requirements of the relevant treaty.

Regulatory issues – we assist both local and foreign clients with navigating the relevant regulations pertaining to security structures, sale of IP, payment to entertainers, withholding tax , DTI rebate , and loan out structures.

Underlying rights – we assist in ensuring that the chain of title for the films and the rights are properly contracted so as to provide comfort to investors, sales agents and distributors that the rights in the film are owned by the entities purporting to exploit the film/series.

Production legals – during the course of the shoot there are a myriad of agreements that constantly change. Location, crew, cast, stunt, clearances, VFX agreements, are an example. Without proper production agreements, the rights in the film/series may be jeopardized.

Please note: We do not provide tax advice. We do not submit DTI applications.


Irish MacLeod Inc are here to assist you, whether you need contracts drafted or guidance on publishing deals. Contact us today.